2009 WBMC Results

The 2009 WBMC was held in Anchorage, Alaska on May 23, 2009.  The results were as follows:


First Place: David Traver, Anchorage, Alaska
Second Place: Karl-Heinz Hille, Berlin, Germany
Third Place: Jack Passion, San Francisco, California



Kees Lek, Netherlands
Keith Jefferson, United Kingdom
Ben Davidson, Ridley Park, Pennsylvania


Tony Papai, Germany
Max Klaus Pankow, Germany
Robert Starnes, New Orleans, La.


Lutz Giese, Germany
George Haskins, Fairbanks
Sam Holcombe, Jacksonville, Fla.

Hungarian/Wild West

Nicholas Dighiera, Eagle River
Guenter Rosin, Germany
Josef Ibach, Germany,


Benjamin Juergens, Los Angeles
Patrick Melcher, Los Angeles
Alex Antebi, Los Angeles


Keith Haubrich aka Gandhi Jones, Seattle
Devon Holcombe, Jacksonville, Fla.
Luk Vanderbeuren, Belgium


Alaska whaler

Jerem Feltman, Kenai
Aaron Suring, Juneau
Shawn Campbell, Anchorage

Freestyle Partial Beard

Stuart Wilf, Colorado Springs, Colo.
Roland van Den Bremt, Belgium
John Plummer, Anchorage

Fu Manchu

Ted Sedman, United Kingdom
Detleff Steinhoefel, Germany

Imperial Partial Beard

Karl-Heinz Hille, Germany
Udo Fritzsche, Germany
Mark Voermans, Belgium


Juergen Draheim, Germany
Frazer Coppin, United Kingdom
Reinhard Burker, Germany

Natural Goatee

Paul Beisser, Santa Cruz, California
Breman Grove, Evansville, Indiana
Wolfgang Servay, Germany


Toot Joslin, Tahoe City, Calif.
Bruno Panza, Italy
Bill Mitchell, Georgia



Karl Roos, Switzerland
Markus Bross, Germany
David Casswell, Kenai, Alaska


Douglas Renfro, Anchorage, Alaska
Norman Pendergraft, Eagle River, Alaska
John Price, Atlanta, Georgia

Natural Full Beard

Jack Passion, San Francisco, Calif.
Rooty Lundvall, South Everett, Washington
Alois Plettl, Germany

Natural Full Beard with Styled Moustache

Bernd Popiak, Germany
Bob Gengler, Eagle River, Alaska
Kyle McNair, Ontario, Canada


David Traver, Anchorage, Alaska
Gerhard Knapp, Germany
Hans-Peter Weis, Germany

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3 Responses to “2009 WBMC Results”

  1. Nice to meet you can even the Japanese participate?

    Please teach when there is a participation condition.

  2. Layne Sharpe. May 11, 2010 at 2:14 pm

    I have just found out about the WBMC and I love it! You fellows are the best! Keep it growing! :)


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