Results from 2011 National Beard and Moustache Championships

Jonathan Rice

Jonathan Rice, freestyle champ (photo by Andy Blackburn)

TO ALL WINNERS: Congratulations!


The Second Annual Beard Team USA National Beard and Moustache Championships took place on October 8, 2011, in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

The complete results are set forth below.

Note regarding scoring: In the final judging, each judge ranked his/her top three contestants from the finalists selected earlier. Each first-place vote was worth 5 points, each second place vote was worth 3 points, and each third place vote was worth 1 point.

Moustache Category:
First Place ($600): Patrick Gorman, 10 points
Second Place ($300): Benjamin Jurgens, 10 points
(The judges selected Gorman over Jurgens in the tiebreak.)
Third Place ($100): Glen Moore, 6 points
Other finalists:
Sam Holcombe, 6 points
Taylor Weldon, 6 points
(The judges selected Moore over Holcombe and Weldon in the three-way tie for third place.)
Daniel Lawlor, 5 points
Steve Scarpa, 1 point
Detleff Steinhoefel, 1 point
Paul DeLeone
Matyas Kovach

Partial Beard Category:
First Place ($600): Toot Joslin, 18 points
Second Place ($300): Bill Mitchell, 14 points
Third Place ($100): Nate Johnson, 5 points
Other finalists:
Michael Schrader: 4 points
Kevin Demarest, 2 points
Joe Blossom, 1 point
Ryan Messer, 1 point
Eric Moberg
Chris Noe

Full Beard Groomed Category:
First Place ($600): John Myatt, 14 points
Second Place ($300): Burke T. Kenny, 11 points
Third Place ($100): Doug Renfro, 6 points
Other Finalists:
Benjamin Whitney, 6 points
(The judges selected Renfro over Whitney in the tiebreak.)
Rafael Diaz, 3 points
Blair Johnson, 3 points
Joseph Camacho, 1 point
Jeff Roth, 1 point
John Benedict
Maximo Garcia
Gary Faulkner
Jeb Sturmer
Marq Vigilio

Full Beard Natural Category:
First Place ($600): John Burgess, 13 points
Second Place ($300): Bryan Nelson, 12 points
Third Place ($100): Neil Moherman, 12 points
(The judges chose Nelson over Moherman in the tiebreak.)
Other finalists: Rick Angood, 3 points
Al Skipper, 3 points
George Scripture, 1 point
Aarne Bielefeldt
Dave Grams
Trevor Cranmer
Bob Gallagher
Thomas Gerdes
Dan Hudy
Alan Kelly
Geoff Kershaw
Myk O’Connor
PJ Rhymeswithsausage
Andrew Shuler

Freestyle Category:
First Place ($600): Jonathan Rice, 13 points
Second Place ($300): Thomas (Maurice) Smith (Blurton), 10 points
Third Place ($100): Matt Bischoff, 6 points
Other finalists:
John Buckler, 5 points
Brian Quien, 5 points
Andy Smith, 5 points
Gandhi Jones, 1 point
Bert Mayer

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4 Responses to “Results from 2011 National Beard and Moustache Championships”

  1. ROY ALAN CAPENOS April 20, 2012 at 2:40 pm

    Are there any clubs for bearded men who want to compete in the annual contests? If there are not any such organizations for hirsute gentlemen, what steps must a prospective competitor take in order to apply for admittance to the yearly contests?

  2. The National Beard and Moustache Championships are open to all, whether or not they are members of a club. Also anyone can join Beard Team USA. There are no dues, no rules, no acceptance process. Just go to and join. The 2012 Nationals will be in Las Vegas on November 11. Look for an official announcement about the venue soon. Phil


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