Post-WBMC 2011 Wrap-up

clip_image002Germany edged out the USA at the World Beard and Moustache Championships held in Trondhjem, Norway on May 15, 2011.

Click on any of the category names below for the complete wrap-up of the competition in each category.

The opinions expressed are those of founder and self-appointed Captain of Beard Team USA, Phil Olsen.








Partial Beards:  

Natural Goatee

Fu Manchu





Full beards:  

Full beard with styled moustache




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7 Responses to “Post-WBMC 2011 Wrap-up”

  1. Hello!

    I was just browsing through the results and looking at photos of the winners.

    I thought the Europeans were very strict about their specific rules for the categories? When I looked at the Musketeer winner (2nd or 3rd place I think?) it appears the gentleman on the right’s moustache is growing much farther than 1.5CM beyond the edge of his lip. Maybe 3 or 4 CM to get picky?

    My question is, if these specific rules exist, why don’t they follow them?


  2. This time, the Norwegian Moustache Club, which hosted the event, decided to do away with “pre-judging” which in the past has determined whether a contestant meets the criteria for the category. Not sure why they did this, but it was their prerogative as hosts.

  3. I’d have say that the 1st and 2nd place winners in Imperial Moustache hardly represent small and bushy. IMHO the 3rd place best represented the category description.

  4. Would LOVE to have a t-shirt with the logo that’s on the front page of the site. Are they available?

  5. No t-shirts, but we have very nice polos with the BTUSA logo embroidered on them. They costs $30, which includes shipping. Just paypal the money to phil@worldbeardchampionships and let me know your size and shipping address. Phil

  6. Actually, there was a prejudging panel. I saw them do their work in determining whether or not contestants fit the category they registered for. Maybe the Musketeer category moustache specifications were relaxed because it is a Partial Beard category, after all. That’s just my guess, though.


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