Beard Team USA Dominates 2009 World Championship

The United States is the world’s new facial hair super power, having captured twelve world championship titles out of eighteen categories plus overall at the World Beard and Moustache Championships in Anchorage, Alaska on May 23, 2009. Possessing home field advantage, the USA was able to dethrone Germany which had dominated this competition since its inception.

Hometown favorite and Beard Team USA member David Traver was crowned overall champ, having styled his beard to resemble an Alaska snowshoe which earned him top honors in the freestle full beard category. Meanwhile Germany’s Karl-Heinz Hille’s elaborate moustache earned him second. San Franciscan Jack Passion placed third with his long, red natural beard. The winners took home engraved gold pans.

The next HUGE event in the sport of bearding will be the Beard Team USA Nationals in Bend, Oregon on June 5, 2010, where $5000 in cash prizes will go to best beards and moustaches in the USA. The competition is open to everyone. Even Canadians!

Unofficial Trophy Count

Gold Silver Bronze Total
United States 12 7 10 29
Germany 5 7 5 17
England 1 2 3
Belgium 1 2 3
Switzerland 1 1
Netherlands 1 1
Italy 1 1
Canada 1 1

In 2007, the World Beard and Moustache Association, an organization made up of beard clubs representing some 10% of the participants at the World Beard and Moustache Championships, accepted the proposal of the Norwegian Moustache Club to hold the 2011 world championships in Trondheim, Norway in a room with a seating capacity of 250.

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10 Responses to “Beard Team USA Dominates 2009 World Championship”

  1. Those Beards were off the hizzy yo. Im in training now to become a world beard champion and I hope one day to become one just like the fellows on the USA team because i believe that i could become the missing link that team USA needs to dominate for years to come.

  2. Truly the greatest thing I’ve ever seen on the internet…


  4. I love this competition SO HARD! Hadn’t heard some of the very appropriate jargon before – totally great. Thanks for covering this!

  5. This is fantastic! Great job! My friend Jeremiah is working hard on his beard, soon he’ll be joining the circuit. His beard is magnificent. Kid of a mix between Chuck Norris and Baby Huey. The thing is twice the size of most of the champs in the above pics. It could be just because his face is six inches longer, but it is a true representation of his dedication to complete lack of hygiene. Remember the name Jeremiah, he will soon be the Kobiyashi of the Beard world.

  6. i love the last one

  7. You men are epic and I love everything that you do!

  8. Taylor Stephen Peck-Moad November 1, 2010 at 11:53 am

    I’ve had a full beard for about five years now, and me only being at the age of seventeen I figure thats something to be proud of. Even though I’m young I can easily outgrow a lot of the men I’ve seen compete.

  9. WoooHooo! Make us proud gentlemen!!!! I love the fact that this competition exists. keep up the great work!

  10. Congrats USA team. Those are some fine whiskers you all have.

    But watch out! I’m growing for Canada, and I’m bringing us a gold!