2012 Nationals Set for Vegas!

The 2012 Beard Team USA National Beard and Moustache Championships will take place on Sunday, November 11, 2012 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Note that Veteran’s Day will be observed on Monday, November 12.

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39 Responses to “2012 Nationals Set for Vegas!”

  1. How do we enter? Do we just show up in Vegas?

  2. Stay tuned. All the info you need will be posted here well in advance of the event. Notice it’s November, 2012.

  3. Growing strong for a wild night in the desert!

    2012 is the year for BEARDING!

  4. Do you know what venue will be hosting the event?

  5. Can people come watch..? I mean Ive never been before so I wanna check before I get too excited. I love the freestyle section<3

  6. Yes, yes, yes. Come and bring your friends.

  7. I shall be there.

  8. I am really looking forward to this event. I am canadian. is there is preliminary round I must qualify in to make it to the nationals?

  9. No, the National Beard and Moustache Championships are open to all.

  10. Hoorayyyyyy! I can’t wait(:

  11. Coming over from Australia. :) Aussie beard.

  12. Do you have to qualify at another comp. Or is it an open entry?

  13. The National Beard and Moustache Championships are open to all competitors. There is no need to qualify to participate.

  14. The Body Bearders of Bellefontaine will be there to represent Beard Team OHIO!!!

  15. Looking forward to seeing all my bearded brothers in Las Vegas!

  16. Omg I want to go to this so bad! Any idea on how much the tickets are going to be to view this event??

  17. In the past, tickets for spectators have cost $10.

  18. Are there any preliminary competitions or competitions fro rank before this event?

  19. No, the competition is open to everyone. There is no need to qualify.

  20. So this year it’s a national competition? For US only?

    Any idea where the international event will be held in 2013?

  21. The National Beard and Moustache Championships are open to people from all countries. The next world championships are in Germany in 2013.

  22. Nice to hear that, I’m from poland so I’ll get there qiuck…pls give us some updates from time to time. Cheers

  23. Is nice to hear that the competition comes back to Europe finaly :D

  24. Hi, What is the entry fee for competitors?

  25. It hasn’t been set yet. In the past it has been $40.

  26. I was just invited to this by my 3rd cousin, and I’ll be there! He’s excited to be coming again, as he was at the 2011 one. I will be photographing all who allow me to, and just can’t wait!

  27. Is the venue (location) set?
    Thanks. //ROB//
    Don’t be weird – Grow a beard.
    National Beard Registry # 7428

  28. What are the categories for Mustaches? and do we sign up on site or can we enter in advance?

  29. You will be able to sign up for the National Championships in Las Vegas online at http://www.beardteamusa.org very soon. The Championships are on November 11, 2012.

    There will be six moustache categories. Click on any category below for a description and discussion.

    Here are links to all categories, including partial and full beards.

  30. The venue is not set yet. But look for an announcement very soon.

  31. Alexis Von Whiskey April 30, 2012 at 4:34 pm

    Cant Wait !! I am there.. just need the venue to book a room!! yay!

  32. I will be competing in Las Vegas in November and seeing how I have a tattoo shop in an suburb of Las Vegas I am going to be offering discounts to those competing and attending the competition. I will be updating it on our face book pages and website as it gets closer to November. I look forward to meeting all of you.

  33. I think I will have to show up for this. Do we have a venue yet?

  34. The competition will be at the Clark County Government Center Amphitheater. The host hotel is the Golden Nugget, location in Downtown Las Vegas, less than a mile away. See http://www.beardteamusa.org/nationals

  35. How old is youngest in competition? Also how do I sign up and compete?

  36. Last year’s youngest competitor was 16. You will be able to register online very soon.

  37. Hey there, is this competition only open to people born within the USA or having permanent residence within the USA? I a’m from New Zealand and am considering entering if I am able to.

  38. The competition is open to everyone. We already have contestants coming from Australia, Germany, Austria, and Canada. Please join us for a great time in Las Vegas.