Results – 2010 European Championships – Leogang, Austria

The 2010 European Beard and Moustache Championships, held in Leogang Austria, were a great success. Here are the official results and pictures of the winners.

The event was hosted by the East Bavarian Beard Club and hosted by their president, Will Preuß. There were 150 competitors and over 500 in attendance.

Moustache – Natural

1. Wolfgang Schneider
2. Péter Szilágyi
3. Mihály Varga

Moustache – English

1. Jochen Kälber
2. Rolf Spiertz

Moustache – Dali

1. Michael Wüst
2. Josef Zeiler
3. Max Pankow

Moustache – Imperial

1. Gerrit Mücke
2. Rainer Maute
3. Eugen Hipp

Moustache – Hungarian

1. Günter Rosin
2. Kristéf Anbrus
3. Josef Ibach

Moustache – Freestyle

1. Günter Krause
2. Willi Feldmann
3. Bernd MC Elm

Partial Beard – Natural

1. Lalos Dusan
2. Wolfgang Serway
3. Franz Schottenhammer

Partial Beard – Fu Manchu

1. Lutz Giese
2. Dr. Detleff Steinhöfel
3. Josef Nerb

Partial Beard – Musketeer

1. Lothar Roller
2. Jürg Biland
3. Reinhard Bürker

Partial Beard – Imperial

1. Karsten Allwardt
2. Hans-Peter Jahn
3. Karl-Heinz Rost

“Sideburns” – Freestyle

1. Dieter Besuch
2. Hervé Diebolt
3. Franz Mitterhauser

Partial Beard – Freestyle

1. Marijan Vidakovic
2. Manfred Richter
3. Bernhard Greller

Full Beard – Verdi

1. Karl Roos
2. Willi Segalotto
3. Bernhard Heinzmann

Full Beard – Garibaldi

1. Fritz Sendlhofer
2. Albert Pletzenauer
3. Siegfried Seeholzer

Full Beard – Natural

1. Jack Passion
2. Franz Pill
3. Ernst Schuster

Full Beard with Styled Moustache

1. Siegfried Jezierny
2. Albert Schmid
3. Hans Horst

Full Beard – Freestyle

1. Hans Gassner
2. Gerhard Knapp
3. Klaus Leible

Thanks again to the East Bavarian Beard Club for an incredible event!  Official results in German and these pictures on their website.

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22 Responses to “Results – 2010 European Championships – Leogang, Austria”

  1. These beard are awesome I’m so happy I could
    eat a banana!!!!!

  2. Fantastic!

  3. Wow! These beards are all totally A1!

  4. C O THESE BEARDS!!!!1!1!!!


    One day I will grow a beard just like you mighty men, and I shall join you in the echelons of facial hair prowess. God bless you and you chin and cheek adornments.

    All my love,

    Dan Beames

  5. interesting…

  6. an inspiration to all. May God bless their wonderful face bristles

  7. I ♥ your beards!

  8. To da sick bristley faced men, may your bristels last fo lyf. amen brothers of the east bavarian beard club.

  9. What exactly were they given as a trophy? You see a type of rock they are all holding in all of the pictures.

  10. Hey love these beards,

    We have featured a story about this competition on our website

    Feel free to send in your competition details and results each year.


  11. Why was I not told about this?? This is amazing.

  12. I love all those moustaches. i wish i could grow one but sadly i am a 16 year old girl.

  13. This website makes me wish I was a man so that I could grow facial hair!

  14. TOTALLY COOL!! I love a good mustash tickle and THESE BOYZE are MY kinda men!!!

  15. Loving the facial fluff! wish i could meet you all just to have a feel! x

  16. Loving the facial fluff! wish i could meet you all just to have a feel! x

  17. Kandess says:
    February 9, 2011 at 9:45 am
    What exactly were they given as a trophy? You see a type of rock they are all holding in all of the pictures.

    + I think it is a Geode


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