Full Beard Freestyle

Category description:

Free design and styling of the beard. All full beards not meeting the criteria for other categories may compete in this category.
Styling aids* permitted.


2011 WBMC Results:

First: Elmar Weisser, Germany
Second: Hans-Peter Weis, Germany
Third: Gerhardt Knapp, Germany


This is undoubtedly the crowd’s favorite category, where almost anything goes.

Astounded admirer reacts to Elmar's tribute to Norway.

No one was surprised when the judges picked Elmar Weisser, from Brigachtal in Germany’s Black Forest, to win this category in Trondhjem. Elmar stole the show in Berlin (2005) with his hirsute tribute to the famous Brandenburg Gate and did so again in Brighton (2007) with his beard styled to depict London’s Tower Bridge. In Norway, Weisser’s beard was molded to represent a reindeer and the Norwegian flag.

Elmar travels with an entourage that includes his sister and stylist Edeltraut. She spends up to 5 hours working on Elmar’s beard on competition day, his mobile hair salon the Friseur-Mobil, and his fan club gleefully singing das Elmar-Weisser-Lied: “Wir wollen Elmar sehen, wir wollen Elmar sehen, wir wollen Elmar siegen sehen!” (Translation: “We want to see Elmar, we want to see Elmar, we want to see Elmar win!”)

Other perennial contenders include the East Bavarian Beard Club’s Hans Gassner from Austria, who beat Weisser in Carson City and Gerhard Knapp, president of the Pforzheim Beard Club, whom many regard as the grandfather of the sport and inventor of freestyle bearding.


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Weisser Gassner Knapp

Note: The 2013 World Beard and Moustache Championships will be conducted in accordance with the official Rules and Regulations of the Association of German Beard Clubs. The description set forth above is an unofficial English translation.

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