Fu Manchu

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 All areas more than 2cm past the corner of the mouth must be clean shaven, as must all areas under the chin. The tips of the moustache extend downward. The Genghis Khan moustache style is also acceptable.
Styling aids* permitted

Dr. Fu Manchu is a fictional character first featured in a series of novels by English author Sax Rohmer during the first half of the 20th century. The character was also featured extensively in cinema, television, radio, comic strips and comic books for over 90 years, and has become an archetype of evil criminal genius while inspiring the Fu Manchu moustache.(Source, Wikipedia.)


2011 WBMC Results:

First: Lutz Giese, Germany
Second: Ted Sedman, UK
Third: Bob Gengler, Alaska


What? Sedman second? It’s true folks, England’s Ted Sedman had won this category at the previous four WBMC’s but had to settle for silver as Berlin’s Lutz Giese took first.

Giese switched categories from English Moustache, where he took gold in Anchorage. Alaska’s Bob Gengler, who podiumed in Anchorage in Full Beard Styled Moustache, also switched to Fu Manchu and earned third just behind Sedman the Great.

Giese is the president of the Berlin Beard Club, which won three golds at the Norway games.

Note: The 2013 World Beard and Moustache Championships will be conducted in accordance with the official Rules and Regulations of the Association of German Beard Clubs. The description set forth above is an unofficial English translation.

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