Freestyle Moustache

Category description:

Gandhi Jones

Free design and styling of the moustache. All moustaches not meeting the criteria for other categories may compete in this category. All hair growing from more than 1.5 cm past the corner of the mouth must be shaved.
Styling aids* permitted

Aids are allowed.
Unofficial 2013 Results:

First: Dan Lawlor, USA
Second: Keith “Gandhi Jones” Haubrich, USA
Third: ________________

2011 Results:

First: Keith “Gandhi Jones” Haubrich, USA
Second: Jan Haakon Bekkavik, Norway
Third: Evan Gillespie, Canada


Since the WBMC 2007 in Brighton, England, Keith “Gandhi Jones” Haubrich has single handedly taken over ownership of the Freestyle Moustache category, winning again in Anchorage and completing the three-peat in Trondheim. Gandhi’s moustache has appeared variously as his cat’s whiskers, a knife and fork, and the deuce of hearts.

Like Gandhi, Gandhi is a pacifist and a vegetarian.

For reasons that aren’t all that clear, some people consider Gandhi a bit backward or even two-faced.

Photo by Jeffrey Moustache

Note: The 2013 World Beard and Moustache Championships® will be conducted in accordance with the official Rules and Regulations of the Association of German Beard Clubs. The description set forth above is an unofficial English translation.

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