Beard Team USA Nationals – 6/5/2010 – Bend, OR

Beards! Beer! Bend!

The first ever Beard Team USA National Beard and Moustache Championships will take place on Saturday, June 5, 2010, in Bend, Oregon.

There will be competition in four separate categories. The winner in each category will walk away with a cool $1000. So that everyone gets a shot at the cash, the fifth $1000 prize will go to a contestant selected at random.


1. Best moustache. Beards are allowed in this category but the contestants will be judged on their moustaches only;

2. Best partial beard. Includes goatees, van dykes, sideburns, musketeers, etc.;

3. Best full beard. Styling aids are permitted;

4. Freestyle. Anything goes. Anything. Be creative.

Like membership in BTUSA, the competition is open to everyone. There are no annoying qualifying events, drug tests, or dues.Located on the Deschutes River in Central Oregon, Bend offers fly-fishing, rafting, golf, canoeing, mountain biking, hiking, and possibly even late season skiing and snowboarding at nearby Mount Bachelor. Did I mention beer? Bend is the home of seven microbreweries including the famous Deschutes Brewery practically next door to the Les Schwab Amphitheater where the competiton will take place.Visit Bend is a major sponsor of the event.The championships will take place in conjunction with the 8th Annual Balloons Over Bend hot air balloon festival.Stay tuned for information on registration, lodging options, transportation from the airport in Portland, and everything else you will need to know.

For now all members, fans, and friends of the WBMC are asked to:

1. Make plans to be in Bend on June 5;
2. Join Beard Team USA if you haven’t already done so;
3. Tell everyone they know about the BTUSA Nationals;
4. Keep growing their beards and moustaches for America.

Beard Team USA photo courtesy of Devon Blunden.

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15 Responses to “Beard Team USA Nationals – 6/5/2010 – Bend, OR”

  1. MORE BEARDS!!!11!!!!!! FACIAL HAIR RULES!!!!!!

  2. I have been growing my beard for America for some time so that I could be contender for winning spot on the US Team. I would welcome some guidance from experienced competitors and possibly a duo team presentation. My style is a fuller version of Toot Joslin’s whiskers.

  3. We have our tickets and a new style trim for the contest! See ya’ll there.

  4. Dearest organizers, I hope you will consider Phoenix as a location for your next competition. Perhaps in the winter months, when beard and mustache growing is in its prime, and our sunny skies provide a welcome break.

  5. go team usa !!!

  6. Day one of National Beard & Moustache Championships in Bend, Oregon: we are already partying down in an Old Stone Church with many a-follicled finery. Where can I post pics from this party on your site?

  7. This event came to Bend yesterday and exposed the beard and mustache population to be both a little serious and alot of fun in showing off their facial hair. I may follow this event every year now. Thanks for bringing it to Bend!
    Lisa Lee

  8. Awesome event! Had a great time! Come back to Bend some day!

  9. I think growing a beard is a lost art and should be a reclaimed past time. I am currently growing my first beard, and I love it. I want to make a documentary and call it “Beards for America”.

  10. There is NO question whatsoever that each and everyone of these is a true
    BEAUTIFUL….WORK OF ART. This is man at his artistic best(after music, sculptuing and a few other VERY physically demanding pursuits). Ron Diamond Camas, Wa

  11. cool beard man i kinda want to make love to it…im thinkin about growning mine out just like that…i wanna be on your beard

  12. I nominate Phil K. Hall!!

  13. WOW. This is fantastic.. might see if i can swing this! I love my beard!

  14. i love free style beards !!!


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